Griggs Aircraft Refinishing

Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle is renowned for its high quality and carefully-considered features. The combination of the dependable Cessna 210 airframe with the safe, reliable Rolls-Royce turbine engine results in a high-performance single-engine Turboprop aircraft beyond compare.

For as long human kind has had wings, we have been looking for a better way to power them. This struggle to power aircraft started with the Wright Brothers and has been carried forward into our decade. The radial engines of the past have given way to the flat engines that currently grace nearly every general aviation aircraft out there.

Still, there is always the desire to take the proverbial peg on to the next level. That peg has been placed by Griggs Aircraft with the Silver Eagle. The Rolls Royce powered Silver Eagle stands in a class by itself.

No other pressurized single engine turbine aircraft offers a standard package that includes so many features and options. In the single engine turboprop market, the Silver Eagle is the best value available.

Modifying a standard Cessna Pressurized 210 airframe with the installation of a Rolls-Royce (Allison) 250-B17F/2 gas turbine engine, is only the first step in what results in a totally re-manufactured aircraft, known as The Silver Eagle. Countless new dimensions and features are incorporated into the modification as well.

Turbine power

Replacing the standard Continental 310 HP piston engine with the Rolls-Royce 250-B17F/2 turbine engine 450 horsepower, the Silver Eagle II can hold an additional 140 hp on take-off and climb. This additional 45 percent in take-off Horsepower can be applied directly to thrust and climb:

  • 1/2 normal take-off distance
  • Landing roll just 500 feet
  • Climb to cruise altitude in 8 to 10 minutes
  • Speed—above 215 kts block times reduced by 20 to 30 percent

Reversible de-iced propeller

The 90-inch, three-blade reversible propeller provides STOL performance, in takeoffs and landings, while maintaining optimum cruise.

Payload increase

By displacing the 500-lb. piston with the 210-lb. turbine, payload has been increased by 140 pounds, even AFTER taking into consideration the higher jet fuel weight, and other new systems.


This is one of the few high performance aircraft which meets European noise restrictions. Takeoff noise level has been recorded at a mere 72.7 decibels!

Dual vacuum system

Dual pumps provide IFR back-up, one electrically driven by the 150-Amp alternator, and one mechanically driven by the engine. Since weight has not been a penalty, a large 40-Amp+ battery serves as a further electrical power reserve.

Dual electrical system

A backup Turbo-alternator (wind-driven generator) is not** standard equipment

Increased range

A 16-gallon auxiliary fuel tank is added as standard in the baggage area, extending useable fuel to 105 U.S. gallons.

New & improved air conditioner

A new air conditioner (R134) assures you comfort in even the warmest climates.

Less down time

With few maintenance requirements and a 3500-hour TBO, this aircraft will spend much more time in the air than in the shop.

Standard conversion pack includes

  • New Rolls Royce 250-B17F/2 gas turbine engine
  • Hartzell three-blade reversible de-iced propeller
  • S-TEC 55 Autopilot with Altitude Preselect
  • New & Improved Air Conditioning System
  • Dual Vacuum Pumps (Engine Driven & Standby Electrical)
  • O&N Aircraft Low Fuel Warning System
  • Auxiliary Fuel – 16-gallon baggage compartment fuel tank
  • New All-Metal Instrument Panel
  • New Lord Shimmy Damper
  • New Nose Gear Trunion
  • Overhaul Power pack & Replace HosesReinforced Control Surfaces
  • New ELT – ME406
  • New cowling – Paint on cowling and control surfaces
  • New engine gauges, including:
    • TOT indicator
    • Torque indicator
    • Propeller RPM
    • Volt/Amp indicator
    • Oil pressure/oil temperature indicators
    • Gas gen RPM
    • Shadin fuel flow/totalizer
    • Annunciator lights
    • Overspeed warning indicator
  • New Paint & Interior
  • Basic Garmin 500 Avionics Package


Airframe Cessna 210L, T210L, 210M, T210M, 210N, T210N
Engine Rolls-Royce 250-B17F/2 450 shp
Propeller Hartzell 3-Blade Reversible with de-ice (2030 rpm)
TBO (Engine & prop) 3500 hours (Hot Section at 1750 hours)
Cruise speed at 16,000' 215 knots
Rate of Climb @ Gross Weight 2,200 feet/minute
Fuel Consumption 20 gal/hr @ 23,000 feet
Range (as Equipped) 900-950 NM
Fuel Capacity* 106.0 gallons
Take-Off distance 600 feet
Landing Distance 500 feet
Basic Empty Weight 2470 lbs*
Maximum Gross Weight 4000 lbs*
Passengers 6-Place
*as Equipped with Standard 90-gal capacity & aux baggage compartment fuel tank (16 gallons).