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Our FAA licensed technicians and installers produce a modern, user-friendly package tailored to the aircraft and pilot. Providing more than just an installation, Griggs Aircraft Refinishing supplies the best before, during, and after-sale support to ensure that all installations and future service are problem-free. We pride ourselves on putting your needs, budget, and timeframe first and maintaining quality and standards that are second to none.

Our Process

Avionics Process

You can bring us a piece of equipment you would like to install or have us help you pick out your new avionics based on your needs and budget. Either way, we treat every job the same using only the highest quality materials. We provide laser-printed wiring and schematics for each installation. Wiring is always done in accordance with manufacturers' specifications and FAA guidelines. With our panel design software, you can see and modify your panel's layout before it's built.

We also have bench testing and repair capabilities. With our bench, our technicians are able to repair all basic avionics and complex HSI systems. The avionics staff is not just for your avionics system, either: we can troubleshoot, repair, and install any of your aircraft electrical components.

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