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Griggs Fabrication

Our team of craftsmen has over 100 years’ experience in aircraft fabrication and modifications. We are equipped to build any custom component for your aircraft, whether it's experimental or standard category.

From auxiliary and primary fuel tanks to custom designs in carbon fiber fabrication, there is no project that cannot be completed by our crew. Our team has vast experience in welding and forming steel and aluminum, fabric work, wood construction, and composite construction.

Auxiliary Fuel Tank STCs

Griggs Aircraft boasts a variety of FAA-granted STCs for auxiliary fuel tank fabrication. These STCs, previously filed by O&N Aircraft Modifications, offer a array of high-quality options for Cessna, Grumman, and Piper owners. With all-welded aluminum construction and unobtrusive designs, you can feel confident in your decision to fly farther with Griggs Aircraft.

For an in-depth look at our auxiliary fuel tank STCs, click here.

Mooney bladders

Griggs Aircraft owns the Mooney Bladder Fuel System previously offered by O&N Aircraft Modifications.

If you are in need of a new fuel system or you have sealed and re-sealed your M20 bladders and find yourself plagued by seeping fuel, we have a permanent solution.

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STC Archive

For a list of all currently-available Griggs Aircraft STCs, click here.

Spotlight: WolfPitts

Griggs & Wolf

An exciting merger

Griggs Aircraft is excited to announce that we will now be producing custom biplanes and parts from Wolf Aircraft. From the brand new WolfPro 360 to the well-known performance enhancing parts for your Pitts S1, we are ready to build you a custom aircraft. The cutting edge construction of these biplanes and parts is a huge advancement in accuracy, weight reduction, and simplification of installation. From CNC-routed wing kits to carbon fiber components and CNC-machined fuselage tubing, no other aircraft can offer what Wolf Aircraft Products can in terms of performance and construction.

The WolfPro 360

New biplane, same Wolf quality

The WolfPro 360 is the latest, most advanced single-seat 200HP biplane on the market. This aircraft incorporates Wolf Aircraft’s high performance S1 Wing Kit and a completely redesigned fuselage and tail group.

The new carbon fiber air foiled tail group is a proportionally smaller version of what Sean D. Tucker and Paul Bennet are flying on their aircraft. This new tail design will allow it to do maneuvers only imagined before. The WolfPro 360 will have the performance of its larger brother, the WolfPro 540, but without the fuel burn of the six-cylinder Lycoming engine.

Besides the tail, the fuselage has been redesigned, reclining the pilot to a more comfortable position than they are used to in a stock Pitts. It also situates the parachute into the backrest. Weight reduction plays a big part in the design of this aircraft. There are lightening holes everywhere safely possible. The single piece canopy not only provides sleek, racy looks; it improves visibility and safety.

The WolfPro 360 is being offered in 51% kit form, where the customer will get a fuselage welded with all the fittings and brackets installed, painted to their specifications. We provide the wing kit, tail kit, and finish kit. Gone are the days of building your aircraft from plans fabricating every piece. You can leave that to us. There are detailed instructions to guide you on your way.

The aircraft can also be purchased turnkey where we will build the entire aircraft for you in around 18 months, where you will have a long list of options to choose from. The aircraft will then be licensed in the Experimental Exhibition Category. We strive for perfection and look forward to building you a great-performing and high-quality aircraft.



The WolfPitts is a highly refined Pitts S1S. Starting from scratch, Wolf Aircraft designed and built the WolfPitts which includes, WolfPitts wings with aerodynamically boosted ailerons, squared wing tips, reshaped tail, flush canopy rails, carbon fiber annular inlet cowl and rod type landing gear. Norm Willis placed 1st in the first 3 competitions he flew at the advanced level in the WolfPitts.