Griggs Aircraft Refinishing

Mooney Bladders

The Permanent Solution to Wet-Wing Leaks

The Griggs/O&N Bladder Fuel System

The original system (54 gallons) consists of six fuel bladders and all hardware required for installation. Three bladders are interconnected in each of the wet-wing bays. Using three cells rather than one large bladder prevents the movement of fuel during flight. The aircraft is modified slightly with the addition of a new, larger vent and lightning-proof fuel caps. Existing gauges are used, adjusted for accuracy.

The new 64-gallon system consists of eight bladders, four in each of the wet-wing bays. Until now, M20F and M20J owners sacrificed 9.2 gallons of useable fuel in order to install the Griggs/O&N bladder system. With our recent FAA-approval of the 64-gallon system, that is no longer necessary.

Owners who have already installed our original system have the option of adding an additional 10 gallons of fuel by adding on the two additional bladders.

The cells are constructed of heavy-duty vulcanized neoprene and nylon, and the entire installation comes with a five-year warranty.

Airworthiness directive & service bulletin

Airworthiness Directive 24-25-04 was issued effective 21 January 2005. The full text is available through the FAA's website in the link above; for questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at (570) 836-5757 or by email at

Specifications and pricing

Part # Details Gallons Eligibility
B400 6-bag bladders 54.8 M20F,J
B700 6-bag bladders 54.8 M20CDEG
B500A 2-bag add-on 10 M20F,J
B800A 2-bag add-on 10 M20CDEG
B500 8-bag 64 M20F,J
B800 8-bag 64 M20CDEG
SB301 Anti-ice masts - PRE-1998
SB501 Foam/drains - PRE-1998

Pricing & availability

Please get in touch with us for pricing and availability of Mooney bladders. You can reach us by phone at (570) 836-5757 or by email at

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