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Griggs Maintenance


Nothing is more important to a pilot than feeling safe and secure. To that end, Griggs Aircraft offers a full complement of inspection, repair, and maintenance services. Let us handle the details so you can focus on enjoying your time in the air. To learn more about any of our maintenance services, get in touch with us at (570) 836-5757 or


  • Annuals

    Feel at ease knowing your aircraft is safe, sound, and compliant with FAA regulations.

  • Pre-purchase inspections

    Get Griggs Aircraft's expert inspection and make your purchasing decision with confidence.

Repairs and upgrades

  • Repair

    Things fall apart. Griggs Aircraft is here to help put them back together. If your aircraft is down, our expert mechanics can get you flying again fast. Our shop offers full repair services—whatever's broken, we can fix it.

  • Parts installation

    Are you upgrading or exchanging parts on your aircraft, but lack the time or resources to do so on your own? Griggs Aircraft has extensive experience in aircraft maintenance and customization.

  • Consultation and purchasing

    Need advice on something or help with purchasing? We're here for you.

To learn more about any of our maintenance services, get in touch with us at (570) 836-5757 or

Silver Eagle services

Modifying a standard Cessna Pressurized 210 airframe with the installation of a Rolls-Royce (Allison) 250-B17F/2 gas turbine engine is only the first step in what results in a totally re-manufactured aircraft known as The Silver Eagle. Countless new dimensions and features are incorporated into the modification as well.

No other pressurized single engine turbine aircraft offers a standard package that includes so many features and options. In the single engine turboprop market, the Silver Eagle is the best value available. Griggs Aircraft is proud to support this tradition through the maintenance and service of existing Silver Eagle conversions.

For an closer look at our Silver Eagle services, click here.